All Inclusive Yearly Package

Name, Logo, Information on our website with a brief description of services
A custom 30 second advert played up to 10 times during peak hours 7am-7pm
1 show per week broadcasted live with live simulcast on social media platforms
Facebook Live at our location about you and your services
4 Facebook Posts a Month about you and your services
Studio quality MP4 converts for your own use
$2,500 1 Year contract commitment



The following terms and conditions shall constitute a broadcast agreement between Radio Bhakti Network and starting on day of the month , 2017 and pending update and renewal 6 months from this date.

1 SHOW per day

2 SHOW per day

3 SHOW per day

Name of Organization

Organization Address



Zip code

Phone number

Organization billing Address



zip code

phone number

Contact person name authorized for payment by your organization

Address of Contact person




Phone number

Payment Method

Payment type: If you are sending us Checks, please mention check sequence nos and mail the checks to us at Mysitc Mandala 3131 Custer, Ste # 265 Plano TX 75075. All 6 checks MUST be sent at the same time post dated. Please confirm Y/N Check # and sequence

Credit card information

Card No

Name on Card

Expiration Month and year

3 Digit Code

Billing zip code associated with the card

I hereby, confirm that I am authorized to use this card and I agree with the the terms of this agreement on behalf of organization.

By signing this, I agree to allow the card to be deducted the appropriate fees as per the terms of this agreement on the 1st day of every month or prorated.

Name initials Date

Terms and Conditions

1. Credit card information or check information MUST be received at the time of application for the contract to be in effect starting the first day of the advertising or broadcast.

2. All broadcast times and confirmations are subject to availability.

3. After the initial terms of 6 months, the contract shall immediately extend for the subsequent 6 months, unless notified in written to atleast 30 days prior to last date of contract.

4. BhaktiRadioNetwork is not responsible for any claims of busines losses caused due to any broadcasting errors.

5. Minumum 6 months Package is eligible for studio set up at your location.

6. Client is responsible for all of the clinet’s broadcast, content and advertisement solely.Client indemnifies BhaktiRadioNetwork from all or any liabilities that arise due to the false/misleading information that is contained in the broadcast.

7. Client is responsible for all taxes. BhaktiRadioNetwork shall not charge any sales, Use, Exercise or other taxes.Client must pay all taxes on time to the appropriate agencies.

8. You may request for a signed copy of this contract by BhaktiRadioNetwork and allow 4-5 business days for it to be mailed to your registered office address.

9. This agreement is binding upon both parties, their successors, assigns, and personal representatives.

10. The person signing this application agreement shall be individually and personally responsible and liable for the payments, amount due and balance if any.